Welcome to Systems Integration Group

A systems integrator incorporates disparate electric and mechanical equipment to work as a cooperative and cohesive whole. We provide automation design and integration services to for our industrial and military clients. Project sites include all islands in Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and California.

Computer control of cooperative multiple processes working as one system. Press a button on a touch screen,  a maintenance aircraft hangar springs to life with pumps, valves, and air handlers working to maintain a perfect environment of temperature, humidity, and airflow. Press a single button on a large electric panel, a group of multi-megawatt generators start, parallel to each other, and then connect to the local electrical utility grid balancing load and supply.  On a computer screen, at a water distribution plant office, automatically control pumps and reservoir levels located miles apart. Complex processes and sequences simplified. This is automation, creating simplicity from complexity. Combining different equipment to work together is integration. This is what we design. This is what we build. We are systems integrators.